Mytchett - Wed 12th January 2005
CBL, guy left turn (good double opportunity). pick up RH-RH
Guy RTurn under arm then Lady RTurn (double harder to lead with this hand hold, but manageable). Bring arm over on head into CBL position.
Keep hold of hand and bring back in front of head for CBL with lady turn.
Guy half RTurn under arm, let go of hand and pick up same wrist (L) with RH to take lady into CBL with LTurn (double opportunity). (Shadow)
CBL to pick up straight hand hold
Lady RTurn into hammerlock. As the lady comes back to face you in the turn, drop her RH (in own LH) to right of own R arm and pick up underneath
Copa (!) - this does actually work, guy needs to keep right hand straight.

I think I've probably missed some moves but it's probably close!