Mytchett - Wed 26th March 2003
CBL lady LTurn to pick up hand  
Lady RTurn 
123 Guy let go LH, pick up lady RH (or forearm) and place over top of other hand. LH underneath to pick up lady RH & lead double RTurn 
567 Lady double RTurn ending in hammer lock 
CBL Lady double LTurn. Lady ends up in sidewrap on guy's right (both facing same way) 
123 Lady back RF, Guy forward LF 
567 Lady 1 1/2 RTurn to face (in hammer lock) 
123 Exchange (lady 1/2 LTurn, guy 1/2 RTurn ending RH-LH over LH-RH - lady passes on guy's right) 
567 Exchange (lady 1/2 RTurn, guy 1/2 LTurn ending RH-LH over LH-RH - lady passes on guy's right under both hands) 
Lady double RTurn 
123 guy let go LH & open out (RH-LH) 
567 lead lady round in front, bringing own LH over her head 
** Two variations: 
123 lead lady back, under RH. (guy forward on 1) 
567 lead lady into CBL with LTurn, guy half RTurn on 7 - placing hand on shoulder, back into basic 
123 lead lady back, keep RH low and hold LH up for lady. lady pick up guy LH in RH ready for CBL 
567 lady CBL with double LTurn