Mytchett - Wed 19th March 2003
CBL lady Lturn pick up RH->LH (i.e. double hand hold) 
123:Break back into side wrap 
567:Lady forward/guy back on 5. Guy fwd on 6, half LTurn to face on 7 
123: Lady (basic/sidestep?). Guy LTurn, picking up RH->RH 
567: Lady double turn 
Pickup LH->LH underneath. RH over lady's head on 1 into CBL with lady half RTurn 
Let go of LH after leading RTurn 
(See * at end for lady's styling) 
[CBL on Guy RHS into Lady double LTurn, guy catch LH on LShoulder to stop, then lady double RTurn] 
123: standard CBL on guy RHS 
567: Lady forward on 5, _then_ guy leads double LTurn. On last turn, stop lady turning by catching her LShoulder in LH (NB this is done as Guy is stepping forward on 1 
123: Lady back on 1, guf forward (outside lady) 
567: Lady double RTurn, guy half RTurn on 7 placing Lady hand on shoulder, dipping head under to recover 
[Peter Pan] 
123: Lady back on 1. Guy forward outside lady (his R). 2 Step round, Lady half Lturn. Finish to normal CBL position 
567: standard CBL. 
*lady styling 
1: back R 
2: forward L 
3: forward R, quarter turn to R, ending with R crossed over left (as in suzy Q) 
5: L on spot 
6: R on spot (5&6 sim to suzy Q) 
7: quarter turn to R to face guy.