Blackwater - Thurs 16th September 2004
Similar to routine from two weeks ago, so the sections that are the same are brief (as a reminder than full details)
CBL change hands
Triple RTurn for lady (guy remember big C!)
CBL, arm over own head
Step round lady -> CBL with lady turn. Lead with LH on hip/shoulder. Shadow lady with LH and stop her when she's facing you. Note that you're side on (still facing same way as before the move at this point)
Lead lady behind you and into LTurn (guy double LTurn) to end facing
Pick up LH-RH
1-2-3 basic (guy LH down and up (to waist height) - be careful not to indicate turn). On 4/5 throw lady RH to your left and swap for lady LH to lead her into LTurn.
Pick up RH-RH underneath -> CBL lady LTurn
Guy half RTurn on 1-2-3. Let go of LH and pick up again in front. lead lady into CBL with RTurn into hammer lock letting go of RH
CBL with lady LTurn (guy RH on lady LShoulder to help lead). arm over own head
Circle round (note start turning on 7 of previous move. Guy lock RArm to help. Make sure lady steps fwd right on 1!). Straight out into CBL on 5
Pick up RH-LH. Lady double RTurn into hammer lock and neck lock. Need to lead first turn, then lead second but lower hand to shoulder level (and let go with RH and pick up again as lady is already in hammerlock!)
CBL with double LTurn. Lead first with RH, second with LH. End facing same way as at start of move with lady behind you
guy half RTurn on 1-2-3, lady double RTurn on 5-6-7