Blackwater - Thurs 9th September 2004
CBL pick up double hand hold
CBL, lady passes to right, turning to left, guy steps in front
Lead lady past on left on 1-2-3, under left arm to end with both hands on lady's waist (don't let go of hands!). Lead straight back on 5-6-7
Lead lady into a flick on 1-2-3 then CBL, lady left turn into hammer lock (let go of RH)
Change hands on 1 (ie pick up lady's hand (still in hammerlock) with own RH). Guy - flat hand to lead lady into CBL with RTurn. Guy ends facing same direction as start, left arm goes over lady (styling) and picks up he hand (still in hammerlock). flat hand lead helps to ensure lady's arm stays in hammerlock
Guy 1/2 LTurn on 1-2-3. CBL lady RTurn out of hammerlock (again, guy ends up facing same way as at start (i.e. away from lady)). Change hands to RH-RH
CBL lady RTurn: pickup LH underneath. Lead with RH and let go to take her into hammerlock
CBL lady LTurn, lifting own arm over own head at end
1/2 LTurn on 1-2-3 (lock RArm to take lady with you), CBL out to double hand hold
Throw lady LArm behind her into hammerlock and turn 1/2R. Pick up RH-LH (which is in hammerlock) by 3. Lead her into a CBL with LTurn (Dean said to start leading this early). Guy turns to left on 5-6-7 taking himself into hammerlock.
Let go and bring RH in front to take hold of lady's LWrist to lead CBL with double left Turn