Blackwater - Thurs 12th August 2004
full anton
spiral combo
spiral tap
full anton
left foot tap 1-2-3 going forwards place weight on 3
bring right to left on 4 (keep weight on left)
Put right back on 5
bring right up to left (around knee level) on 6
Put right back on 7 and put weight on it
Bring left in front of right on 8
Step forward left on 1
Cross right behind left on 2
Replace right on 3
Bring left to right on 4 and turn to left placing left down to side on 5
bring right to left (?cross behind?) on 6
Replace right on 7
Bring left together with right on 8 ready for next move
spiral combo
normal spiral start (1-2-3)
kick right on 4
Place weight on right on 5
heel toe (6-7-8-1)
suzie q (2-3-4)
kick right on 5
replace on 6
turn to right on 7
spiral tap
normal spiral start (1-2-3)
side right on 4
cross left in front on 5
left forward, cross right behind (-and-6)
right back, cross left in front (-and-7)
CBL (with or without guy L Turn)
Change hands, lady 2x RTurn - remember big C lead
CBL, lady LTurn. bring RH over own head and use LH on lady back to stop as she ends up on LHS (can do 2xLTurn for lady here)
Guy cross in front of lady on 1-2-3 (either 1/2 LTurn or 1 1/2 LTurn) to take her into a CBL with LTurn on 5-6-7 (lead with LH on lady RShoulder). Stop lady with LH on her R Hip. Guy 1/4 RTurn to end at right angles to lady
Lady does back right, forward left, forward right (crossing in front and 1/4 turn to right). End up back to back. Guy leads lady LTurn (either RH on her hip or reach arm round in front of her without touching and then bring it back) and does LTurn as well
Broken left, double right.